About Us

Mister Pest Control Inc. has been Fulfilling the Needs of Families and Businesses in the Greater Toronto and Surrounding Areas with Exceptionally High Customer Satisfaction Ratings. We are Proud of our Advanced and Innovative Pest Control Techniques and Products. We Follow Principles of “Integrated Pest Management” – that We Always Do a Comprehensive and Thorough Investigation for the Possibility of Using Non-Chemical Control Measures.

Mister Pest Control Inc is a Licenced Operator by Ministry of the Environment, Ontario, Under the Pesticides Act. We are Ontario Pesticide Operator 02-01-05629

We Believe, that All Clients are Intelligent and Inquiring People. That All Clients Have a Right to Respect and Kindness.

Extend Your Expectations When Dealing With Mr Pest Control.

Mail: 11 Wincott Dr. Suite 714, Toronto, ON, M9R 2R9
Phone: 416 996 9976
Email: We_Care@MrPestControl.com