Can I Spray Cockroach Repellant To Kill Bed Bugs? 

Bed bugs are the most frustrating and expensive pest to rid yourself of. They are impervious to some of the strongest pesticides on the commercial market and require either a ten thousand dollar heat treatment or a double visit. The reason for this is that the bed bugs themselves are not especially resilient to chemicals and heat, like steam, but the eggs they lay or almost invincible to all attempts at killing them except said ten thousand dollar heat treatment. What many commercial exterminators will do is come for a full spray of the house using very hot steam blasting and a very potent pesticide spray requiring a five-hour vacancy. Once this is done the exterminator will then have to return and perform the entire job over again exactly two weeks later. This is when the eggs will hatch but before the new insects can lay eggs again. This is primarily the only reasonable way to get rid of bed bugs. 

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Cockroaches are nothing like bed bugs. They are not encased in a thick and nearly impervious carapace, they have for more complex organs with a much larger and more advanced nervous system and most importantly they are simply physically larger. The larger an insect is the most pesticide can attach to it. The most chemical can enter its body and more quickly as size in biology does not correspond to volume. A large unicellular organism like a cockroach is far more easily harmed by chemical pesticides than a seemingly microscopic organism. 

Spraying cockroaches with basic nerve agent pesticides are effective, baits are not needed as a full spray treatment of chemicals, used lightly, and with the intent of minimizing the amount to protect the safety of the people who reside in the structure. Though the treatment is aggressive in its use of a broad range of chemicals the actual treatment is minor enough that customers can return home after only 5 hours. While a bed bug treatment also has a 5-hour vacancy two full treatments are required, and not only to spray pesticides but to use dangerously high heat steam to kill them as well. This process is dangerous and difficult and nothing like a cockroach treatment which cannot even kill a single live, hatched bed bug, let alone destroy one of the eggs. The only process that can accomplish this is a twenty-four-hour heat treatment.